2017 & Newer Mazda Service List

Type 1 Service
Every 8000 KMs
or 6 Months

Full synthetic oil change and replace oil filter

Include engine protection treatment

Inspect function of all lights

Inspect brake fluid, clutch fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid, and coolant level.

Inspect entire suspension system and components

Inspect drive belts and tensioner

Inspect exhaust system and heat shields

Rotate Tires

Inspect all tires - inflation and wear

Inspect air cabin filter - replace if needed (priced separately)

Inspect air cleaner filter

Inspect all seat belts and anchor integrity for safety

Wash and vacuum vehicle

Type 2 Service
Every 24,000 KMs
or 18 Months

Also includes Service 1

Internal Crankcase cleaning

Include fuel system cleaner

Inspect flat tire repair kit (if equipped)

Inspect & clean air filter

Inspect fuel lines, fuel hoses, and connections

Inspect emission system, lines and hoses

Inspect Brake Pads and Rotors

Clean and lubricate caliper sliders and pins

Inspect brake lines and hoses

Type 3 Service
Every 96,000 KMs
or 72 months

Includes Services 1 & 2

Major fuel system cleaning

Inspect transfer case & rear differential fluids (AWD models only)

Type 4 Service
Every 120,000 KMs
or 90 months

Includes service 1 and 2

Replace spark plugs (every 120k)

Deoderize A/C and Replace Cabin Air Filter

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