Local Community Legends

Local Community Legends

At Mazda, we believe building a better world starts by building up those around you. For this year’s Local Community Legends program, our Retailers picked outstanding members of their community and proudly contributed to their cause. See how some of our Retailers honoured those serving their local communities by viewing the videos below

Murray Mazda Community Legend Bradley

Since March of 2022, Bradley has been honored to work with host families and volunteers throughout the Fraser Valley, and the country as a whole, in order to help support Displaced Ukrainians in our community. This has not always been an easy task, but watching many of these folks settle into our community and establish themselves in Canada has been so rewarding. Early on, it was determined that charities and agencies would not be the ones coordinating this effort.

Community Legend Franceska

Franceska Hills manages the child and youth programs with @ChilliwackHospice The goal of her programs is to provide an accepting and safe environment for children, tweens, and teens to meet and talk about their grief and loss experiences, and to better understand their feelings of grief following the death of someone they know. Franceska provides one-to-one grief support for children and youth in Chilliwack and the surrounding communities on behalf of the Society. She also coordinates grief support groups in local schools and at the Society office, located at 7112 Vedder Road. Once a year Franceska and a team of volunteers organize a Horse Whisperer Children’s Grief Camp which facilitates healing interactions between horses and grieving children. Another part of Franceska’s programs is to offer teen peer support training for high school students to learn ways in which they can better support their classmates and friends through the grieving process.

Mazda Local Legends 2021

In 2021, Mazda Canada and Mazda’s Retailers worked together with Canadians to nominate and support local small businesses for the holidays. Mazda Canada pledged upwards of $1 million and over 200 small businesses across Canada were supported.