Alignment Inspection

Offer Ends: 2022/09/30
Alignment Inspection

Don't put up with uneven rides
and risk wearing out your tires too quickly.

Whether you've run over a pothole, bumped into a curb or gone a while without routine maintenance, it doesn't take much to throw off your car's alignment. An unaligned car can lead to uncomfortable rides, difficulty steering and undue stress on your tires. which is why we specialize in quick, affordable alignments at Murray Mazda. Our experienced staff is always ready to make sure your car is properly aligned, and we let you hit the road with a vehicle that drives like new.

  1. Your car is drifting when you believe you're driving straight
  2. Your car is driving straight when the steering wheel is not centered
  3. You feel vibrations through your steering wheel while driving.
  4. It has been 20,000KMs or more since your last alignment

Let us check how your car is aligned today with an alignment inspection.


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