On average you can spend 600 hours a year in your vehicle. Let us keep you and your passengers safe from pathogen buildup to prevent illnesses and keep you and your family healthy. Let us purify your car.

Sanitized for your Safety!  We have partnered with PurifyD TM to sanitize all of our pre-owned vehicles against all viruses, both for the lot and prior to delivery.  This is over and above all our very strict inspections and reconditioning performed by our Mazda Certified technicians for your peace of mind.

What is PurifyD®?

PurifyD® is an innovative, health protection program that keeps drivers and passengers safe. Safe from viruses, bacteria, toxic molds and spores, allergens, chemical contaminants and small biting insects that live in fleet, family and recreational vehicles – no matter how clean the vehicle may seem.  PURIFYD® is affordable, extremely effective, completely safe. Getting your vehicles on the PURIFYD® program means one less thing to worry about.


  • The makers of PurifyD® state that it eliminates all forms of viruses on contact in under 1 hour.
  • Independently lab tested. Registered with EPA and Health Canada. Safe for you and your family. 

The intelligent chemistry in PurifyD® is the world’s strongest, most effective disinfectant. Professionally applied by one of our PURIFYD® Certified Service Providers, it will virtually eliminate* any allergen, germ, mold or fungus that it touches. AND as powerful as it is, it is also completely safe. It is less corrosive and environmentally safer than household bleach and most significantly, it has been registered with Health Canada as environmentally safe for all applications including food handling.

Trusted and used by a number of federal agencies in the US and Canada. There is no other disinfectant on the market that can make all these claims!

PurifyD® is without a doubt the safest, most effective, health protection program for you, your family and your vehicles. PurifyD® is safe for:

  • Families with young children who are much more susceptible to harmful germs and toxic molds.
  • Elderly people who are at greater risk from airborne bacteria and viruses such as the flu or influenza.
  • Pets, who leave behind germs and wet dog smell.
  • People who use their vehicle as a mobile office.
  • Those that drive a fleet vehicle for a living.


We can apply this treatment to:

A full PurifyD® treatment takes less than an hour. You can easily add it to your next scheduled service appointment, or just drop by. 

When your vehicle is on the PurifyD® program, it is periodically treated by one of our PurifyD® Certified Technicians to remove pathogen buildup. The intelligent chemistry in PurifyD® leaves behind a peroxi-carbonate barrier that continues to protect your family after treatment until abraded.

We recommend a monthly re-application for fleet vehicles and for families, 2-4 times per year and particularly during flu and allergy seasons.

Give us a call at 604-795-3700 to talk to a Service Advisor or book online to have your vehicle PurifyD® today!

*All statements and claims about this product regarding PurifyD® are made by the manufacturer. Contact us for more information.