Tips for finding the right vehicle for you and your family Part-4

A very Happy New Year to everyone out there and thanks again to Kaylee for your insights from our last entry.

Is it age before beauty with cars or vice versa?

If you’re like many of our clients that come into the showroom and ask “I’m not really sure if I should get a new or used car/SUV” then take heart because you’re not alone. Many people ask us about the differences and benefits of owning a new vehicle versus a preowned vehicle. Down below we’ll break down some of the benefits that separate the two options.

Preowned Vehicle:
• Less purchase cost upfront.
• Slightly lower insurance.
(This can vary depending on how old the vehicle is.)
• More options for your investment.
(With less cost upfront, you can afford some extra creature comforts.)
• You’ll lose less equity.
(After the first few years a large amount of depreciation should be paid for)

New Vehicle:
• Options for leasing and financing.
(Great if you want to reduce your amount of negative equity.)
• Newest and most up to date technology and comforts.
• Best fuel economy available to date.
• The lowest potential maintenance.
(As a new vehicle you’ll typically only need to perform oil-changes & tire rotations.)
• Who doesn’t like that new car smell.
• With low fuel economy, a steady payment, and predictable maintenance it makes for a worry-free vehicle experience for quite a few years.

Next entry we’ll talk about some types of shopping tools online, easy ways to get answers to your questions, and setting up an appointment to view the vehicle you selected in person. Thank you for reading and we hope it was helpful.