Excellent Tire Care

At Mazda, we offer a variety of tire services for our customers. From checking your tires' tread depth to storing your seasonal tires, we've got you covered.

Bring your Mazda to us at Murray Mazda Chilliwack to help you choose the right type and size tires to meet the specifications of your Mazda model at the right price.

All-season tires

Recommended for temperatures above 7˚C

All Mazda vehicles are equipped with "All-Season" original equipment tires. With harder rubber compounds than performance tires, all-season tires have longer tread life and provide a quieter ride. Deeply grooved treads take rainwater away from the tire and the tread design provides low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency.

Winter Tires

Strongly recommended for temperatures of 7˚C and below

From temperatures of 7˚C and below, summer and all-season tires may no longer provide optimum grip as their rubber compound can harden, essentially causing them to slide like a hockey puck on the ice. This negatively impacts braking, steering, and drive response on dry pavement, and especially on wet, icy or snow-covered roads. By contrast, Mazda-Approved cold weather, winter tires have been specially designed to perform in these conditions. Winter tires have better grip in cold weather. They help your vehicle perform in all types of challenging winter conditions - snow, ice, sleet, slush, wet and even cold, dry roads.

Protect your driving experience with excellent driving care


By rotating your tires every 8,000 km or 6 months, you help increase tire life and distribute wear more evenly, while maintaining performance in handling and braking. During your rotation service, we will ensure that your tires are inflated to factory specifications and visually inspect them for abnormalities or signs of tread wear.


Winter tires should have at least 4mm (5/32") and all seasons 3mm (1/8") for safety and shorter braking distance.


When the time comes for replacement, Murray Mazda is the best source for the specific tires your vehicle was designed to drive on. Rely on expert installation by factory-trained technicians to help keep your Mazda safe.


We can help preserve the life of your Mazda's tires with proper storage. Off-season tires are best stored on a flat surface in a cool, dry location. Speak with us about convenient storage for your off-season tires and have them reinstalled during your scheduled maintenance visit.